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ODOT Region 2 JTA Projects

House Bill 2001, also known as the Oregon Jobs and Transportation Act, is the transportation funding plan adopted by the 2009 Legislature. This site contains information on the following JTA projects within ODOT Region 2:

Beltline Highway at Delta Highway (Eugene/Springfield)

The project is expected to alleviate congestion and unsafe conditions in the Beltline Highway corridor, particularly at the interchange of Beltline Highway (OR 569) and Delta Highway (Lane County road), through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 

US101/OR6 Traffic Improvement Project (Tillamook)

The project is located in Tillamook County where State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 101 come together in historic downtown Tillamook. The project will be designed to improve the safety and operations of these two highways as they converge. The project will also make the downtown intersections more efficient for those traveling through downtown and safer for everyone. 

Highway 99W Newberg Dundee Bypass

This project is located near the Oregon 99W corridor, where the highway passes through Newberg and Dundee in eastern Yamhill County. The project will provide an alternate route for local commuter and freight traffic around the congestion in Dundee and south Newberg, reducing the number of vehicles using Oregon 99W. 

I-5 at Beltline (Eugene/Springfield)

This modernization project has been divided into smaller sections to make it easier to construct parts of the project as funding becomes available. Remaining work will continue to modernize the interchange, which serves interstate, regional, and local traffic to the surrounding residential and commercial centers.

I-5 at Kuebler Interchange (Salem)

This project will upgrade the existing interchange to support the area’s planned expansion by adding an additional loop ramp and modifying the eastbound to southbound ramp and the existing southbound off ramp. 

I-5 at Mill Creek (Salem)

The Mill Creek Corporate Center (MCCC) is a partnership between the State of Oregon and the City of Salem to create a major employment center on agricultural land previously owned by the Oregon Department of Corrections in Southeast Salem.

Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility

The project will improve the existing interchange and add a transit facility to improve traffic flow and safety and promote economic development in Woodburn and the surrounding area.


Region 2 JTA Project News

Chamber of Commerce Project Updates - July 19, 2017

Yesterday afternoon was my first foray in to the gated construction zone as we sat down for the weekly ODOT contractor planning session. Worth noting: an entirely foreign language is spoken at these meetings, but luckily I had a great translator and was given some study notes to help break down the code.

There are not a lot of updates to give you that weren't covered in the last email to you all- the road realignment continues to roll out, and shortly I will be able to give you a date in which we will see traffic shift in to a new pattern for the bridge crossing. Night work continues through next week as crews remove the sign structure that spans the east side of the Highway 6 and Highway 101 intersection, and build the curbs and gutters along the east side of Pacific.

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U-turns now banned at Highway 99W and Springbrook Road Newberg Graphic - July 13, 2017

Change affects only southwest-bound turns as road expands for the completion of the Newberg-Dundee bypass

As work along Springbrook Road continues under the Newberg-Dundee bypass project, state officials are warning that drivers will no longer be able to make a u-turn from southwest-bound Highway 99W.

The change barring u-turns from that specific side of 99W is a safety precaution as the intersection is overhauled to handle more traffic heading toward the new bypass route south of Newberg, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

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Night Work Notice: June 2017 Update - July 6, 2017

The contractor is continuing to work at night, Sunday to Thursday between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Pacific Avenue as part of the U.S. 101/OR 6 Project in downtown Tillamook. The night work is now expected to be completed in August. 

Northbound U.S. 101 travelers can expect short delays during nighttime construction. Other nighttime construction impacts may include bright lights, vibration, and noise from vehicle engines, generators, and truck backing up alarms.

Night Work Construction Notice: June 2017

Highway 101/6 Project Updates Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - June 28, 2017

Happy Fourth of July; we’re halfway through!  By this time next year, we should be wrapping the projects up with punchlist items.  Not that there isn’t a long row to hoe yet, with all the work shifting to Main Avenue come Labor Day, but most of the surprises in the process should have been worked out by now.

We had some painful slowdowns at the beginning of the project as certain design elements had to be worked out and surprising underground discoveries kept cropping to further derail progress.  And then the incessant rains stepped in to make the delays that much more pronounced.  But we all, community and contractors alike, persevered.

With a concentrated acceleration of efforts this spring, we are now close to bringing the project back on track. The anticipated date for opening up the new northbound extension of Pacific Avenue is still holding on target for July 24th.

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Highway 101/6 Project Updates Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - June 23, 2017

The Heat is on.  Be prepared for a snarly weekend as the high temps in the valley drive the hordes to the beach and the Chamber’s June Dairy Parade and the Rodeo get right into the middle of it.  Hopefully, everyone maintains their patience as they pick their way through the congestion and construction.

With the summer now here in full swing, the new plaza is available for events and public gatherings.  Vehicles will not be allowed on it until the project is totally complete next summer.  If you have ideas about an event that you would like to see or sponsor, please contact the Sierra at the Chamber for assistance with putting it together.

Meanwhile, the lightweight concrete crews have finished their work and left town.  The sidewalk work on Pacific continues its plodding repetition of demolition, grading, drainage, forming of curb and gutter, and finally pouring of sidewalk as the contractor moves up the line.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - June 16, 2017

The City of Tillamook has been making almost as many messes as ODOT has over the past couple years: first with its waterlines around downtown, then with the sewerline down First and Fourth, and now its going to show up Front and center.  All of the City’s deep work is being wrapped up now and its next construction project will be coming online in the form of the rehabilitation of Sue H Elmore Park next to the Hoquarton Bridge off Front Street. 

This enhancement of the Park, boat launches, and parking is just waiting on the last permit to be released in order to commence but should be visibly underway in early July.  It will coincide with some of the Front Street modifications that ODOT will be making on the east half of that block near Main and so you should expect that Front between Main and Ivy will be fully or partially closed for approximately 4 to 5 months.

In conjunction with the changing traffic due to that and the ODOT activities, you will also be seeing a number of parking changes, adopted in a Temporary Parking Plan by the Council last Fall, being implemented in the near future as some streets lose parking in order to facilitate better truck turning movements, and others gain spaces through striping reconfigurations.  Overall, there will be a net gain of parking due to the parking plan developed by the Chamber of Commerce.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - June 7, 2017

The plaza is open for walk-throughs and that means that the Blue Moon Café has returned to its storefront and is open for business.  Now with one of the best views in the downtown! 

Another grand opening of the plaza will occur on Friday the 16 with the Cork’n Brew festivities and there will also be music on the plaza that you can enjoy even if you weren’t lucky enough to score a Cork’n Brew ticket.  Of course, the weekend after that will be the June Dairy Parade with its own set of events scheduled for the new plaza.  The place is going to be hopping.

There are still a few items to be installed on the plaza but they will probably show up after the June Dairy Parade.  July should have us sporting a new informational kiosk in front of the electrical meters, decorative rails around the landscape wells, and bollards at each end of the one-way street, as well as in front of each parking space.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - May 31, 2017

The bridge switch went off without a hitch, West First Street is paved and smooth, and the Memorial Day traffic load of tourists did their usual clog-up but nothing more, the project focus, other than some forming of bridge rails, is back to Pacific Avenue.

The sidewalk demolition work has cleared the way so that tonight will launch a couple of weeks of nightwork in the downtown area in order to minimize the traffic impacts of cutting in the utility crossings, manholes, storm drain inlets and beehives on the east side of the road.  The heavy equipment required for this work will take up one of the travel lanes for maneuvering and so northbound traffic will be restricted to one lane on the left. 

Ear plugs have deposited at key residential locations downtown in recognition of the impending disturbance.

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Additional U.S. 101 southbound lane in Tillamook to open on May 24 - May 24, 2017

Nighttime work to start on Pacific Avenue

TILLAMOOK— An additional southbound lane on U.S. 101 at the Hoquarton Bridge is scheduled to open earlier than expected on Wednesday, May 24 as part of the U.S. 101/OR 6 Project in Tillamook. A northbound lane is being shifted on to the new bridge restoring two lanes southbound. The plan was to have two lanes open in each direction by Memorial Day but that will not happen until later in the summer.

Also, starting on Tuesday, May 30 the contractor will be working at nights, Sunday to Thursday between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Pacific Avenue. The night work is expected to be completed in early July at the latest.  Travelers can expect short delays during nighttime construction. 

After Memorial Day, the contractor will have two lanes open on Pacific Avenue during the day in Tillamook. Overall, the project is still on-schedule to be completed by the end of 2018.

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Highway 101/6 Project Updates - May 23, 2017

Tonight’s the night that the switch gets flipped.  The asphalt crews will be working on the bridge from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM at which time the night flaggers arrive so that the stripers can begin their work of grinding out the old striping and laying down the new travel lanes.  Come tomorrow morning, Wednesday the 24th, the new bridge will be accepting its first traffic. 

One lane of northbound traffic will be wiggled around the old Shell Station and guided up main to tie in over onto the new bridge come Wednesday morning.  For the duration of Wednesday, there will also be a single lane southbound on Main as the contractors complete the transition.  Once Thursday rolls around, traffic can return to two lanes southbound.

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