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ODOT Region 2 JTA Projects

House Bill 2001, also known as the Oregon Jobs and Transportation Act, is the transportation funding plan adopted by the 2009 Legislature. This site contains information on the following JTA projects within ODOT Region 2:

Beltline Highway at Delta Highway (Eugene/Springfield)

The project is expected to alleviate congestion and unsafe conditions in the Beltline Highway corridor, particularly at the interchange of Beltline Highway (OR 569) and Delta Highway (Lane County road), through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 

US101/OR6 Traffic Improvement Project (Tillamook)

The project is located in Tillamook County where State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 101 come together in historic downtown Tillamook. The project will be designed to improve the safety and operations of these two highways as they converge. The project will also make the downtown intersections more efficient for those traveling through downtown and safer for everyone. 

Highway 99W Newberg Dundee Bypass

This project is located near the Oregon 99W corridor, where the highway passes through Newberg and Dundee in eastern Yamhill County. The project will provide an alternate route for local commuter and freight traffic around the congestion in Dundee and south Newberg, reducing the number of vehicles using Oregon 99W. 

I-5 at Beltline (Eugene/Springfield)

This modernization project has been divided into smaller sections to make it easier to construct parts of the project as funding becomes available. Remaining work will continue to modernize the interchange, which serves interstate, regional, and local traffic to the surrounding residential and commercial centers.

I-5 at Kuebler Interchange (Salem)

This project will upgrade the existing interchange to support the area’s planned expansion by adding an additional loop ramp and modifying the eastbound to southbound ramp and the existing southbound off ramp. 

I-5 at Mill Creek (Salem)

The Mill Creek Corporate Center (MCCC) is a partnership between the State of Oregon and the City of Salem to create a major employment center on agricultural land previously owned by the Oregon Department of Corrections in Southeast Salem.

Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility

The project will improve the existing interchange and add a transit facility to improve traffic flow and safety and promote economic development in Woodburn and the surrounding area.


Region 2 JTA Project News

Advisory: Traffic Delays Expected in Tillamook on Friday, January 6 Tillamook Headlight Hearald - January 6, 2017 - January 6, 2017

Tillamook--Travelers in Tillamook should expect some delays on Friday, January 6 as ODOT and the contractor will be putting down some temporary striping as part of the U.S. 101/OR 6 Downtown Tillamook Project. 

They will be striping 1st Street between Pacific Avenue and Main Street, and on U.S. 101 north of 1st Street.

The striping will begin at 10 a.m. and flaggers will be controlling two-way traffic. Travelers can expect up to 20-minute delays. To avoid delays, local traffic should consider using alternative routes.

Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - January 4, 2017

Welcome to the New Year.  It is our fervent hope that 2017 brings a brisk pace to the construction now that many of the roadblocks that stalled progress last year have been cleared away and resolved.  We know that the businesses would love to see it move along and produce the benefits that will make the pain worthwhile.

Many were happy to see that, at last, after the breakdown of a critical piece of equipment during the holidays; the sidewalk work on Pacific Avenue got underway today as the electrical contractors were out there in the cold drilling holes for the lamppost foundations.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays. The construction crews winding down for the upcoming holiday week between Christmas and "Bent 1" understructure support gets poured and the storm drain work marches uphill now that the outlet is in place.

Instead you are hopefully going to see the work pick up on the Pacific Avenue sidewalks as the electrical conduits and lamppost bases are prepped, drilled, and installed. This should launch the long-delayed sidewalk construction up Pacific that has been stuck on hold for two months now. While the community’s patience has been strained, we appreciate the tolerance that has been displayed.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - December 15, 2016

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the project work is starting to shift in shape. The last shaft of the bridge has been poured, and Pacific Foundation, the drilling contractors, will be breaking down this week and demobilizing. The rebar work on the first understructure bridge support has already begun, and is scheduled to be poured next week.

Today, the Tillamook People’s Utility District’s line truck cribbed the underground powerlines out of the way so the contractors can start digging in the storm drainage outlet into the Hoquarton. This will cut all of the other upstream storm drainage work loose.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - December 7, 2016

While the bridgework pushes along right on schedule, with the focus shifting from building rebar cages and drilling shafts to pouring the understructure bridge supports, the other elements that we reported that were hung up last week are starting to break free.

The streetlight base bolt patterns required for the electrical work under the replacement of the sidewalks on Pacific have finally been approved and the parts ordered. They should be onsite within ten days and the flatwork crew will be working on the block between 4th and 3rd beginning December 21st.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - December 1, 2016

The last two rebar cages are being tied together this week, and the drilling and pouring of shafts will continue through the next few weeks so that the drillers can be packing up and demobilizing out of town by mid December. This will enable the forms for the first bridge support to be poured in the next couple of weeks, so that, despite several minor setbacks, we will be finding that the ODOT project’s critical baseline path, the bridge, is right on schedule.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - November 23, 2016

With the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, you will be seeing construction activity fall off for the holiday.  Add the impending wind and rain to that and you should also see construction equipment and materials moving to higher ground, possibly in the cordoned off areas of Pacific and the former Shell Station, which ODOT now owns.  Rubber-tired machines and items with buoyancy potential are being shifted out of the floodplain, while heavy steel and the water-filled Baker tanks will remain in place.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - November 18, 2016

Welcome back to a more regular release of bulletins; a positive sign that the more dramatic project changes related to traffic have been accomplished and the smaller issues are being resolved one by one.  The striping was a major improvement and now this year’s winter traffic patterns should be settling in to a routine with continuing adjustments to cones, signal timing, and signs, such as the replacement of green directional signage with orange to highlight changes. 

All good reasons for Thanksgiving.

That is not to say that there won’t be some disruptions for major construction movements such as the placement of the huge bridge pier structures, the majority of which won’t occur until after Thanksgiving when you will see a series of flagging events on the north side of the Hoquarton bridge during the week of the 28th.

Add to this, the fact that the City’s sewer main rehabilitation project will be crossing Third on Cedar this next week with some flagging there before starting up First.  Right after Thanksgiving, there will be some exploratory work on a critical manhole at the intersection of Stillwell and First that will cause some flagging and traffic rerouting in that vicinity for a day.

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Highway 101/6 project: lane striping adds clarification Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - November 14, 2016

While some guidance improvements have been made, such as the application of arrows on the new lanes indicating which path to follow for various turns, there are still bugs being worked out.

Another major clarification was the painting of lane striping on First at the intersections with Main and Pacific, along with the striping of the lanes over the old bridge.  

These could not be done until there was a window of dry weather and work was completed on Thursday and Friday.

The next major element in the construction will be the pulling of the old wooden pilings and setting three new casings for the east half of the replacement bridge commencing tomorrow.  Setting each casing will require 16-to-18 hour days starting at low tide with a couple of days between for curing and preparation of the next one.  So with one being set every third day, these should be complete by next week this time.

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ODOT barricade impacting business By Brad Mosher, Tillamook Headlight Herald - November 7, 2016 - November 10, 2016

There is a business blockade in Tillamook angering David Dieter.

And he is not the only one taking issue with the large cement barricades erected on Highway 101 north of the Hoquarton Bridge.

The barricades are part of the construction project to improve the traffic flow on Highway 101 (Pacific Avenue) called the 101/OR 6 Traffic Safety Improvement Project and is part of a three-year construction project designed to improve traffic flow and safety in the downtown area.

The barricades are extending far more than a quarter-mile north of Hoquarton Bridge, creating a traffic and business problem for several companies north of the bridge construction, according to the owners and managers complaining.

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