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ODOT Region 2 JTA Projects

House Bill 2001, also known as the Oregon Jobs and Transportation Act, is the transportation funding plan adopted by the 2009 Legislature. This site contains information on the following JTA projects within ODOT Region 2:

Beltline Highway at Delta Highway (Eugene/Springfield)

The project is expected to alleviate congestion and unsafe conditions in the Beltline Highway corridor, particularly at the interchange of Beltline Highway (OR 569) and Delta Highway (Lane County road), through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 

US101/OR6 Traffic Improvement Project (Tillamook)

The project is located in Tillamook County where State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 101 come together in historic downtown Tillamook. The project will be designed to improve the safety and operations of these two highways as they converge. The project will also make the downtown intersections more efficient for those traveling through downtown and safer for everyone. 

Highway 99W Newberg Dundee Bypass

This project is located near the Oregon 99W corridor, where the highway passes through Newberg and Dundee in eastern Yamhill County. The project will provide an alternate route for local commuter and freight traffic around the congestion in Dundee and south Newberg, reducing the number of vehicles using Oregon 99W. 

I-5 at Beltline (Eugene/Springfield)

This modernization project has been divided into smaller sections to make it easier to construct parts of the project as funding becomes available. Remaining work will continue to modernize the interchange, which serves interstate, regional, and local traffic to the surrounding residential and commercial centers.

I-5 at Kuebler Interchange (Salem)

This project will upgrade the existing interchange to support the area’s planned expansion by adding an additional loop ramp and modifying the eastbound to southbound ramp and the existing southbound off ramp. 

I-5 at Mill Creek (Salem)

The Mill Creek Corporate Center (MCCC) is a partnership between the State of Oregon and the City of Salem to create a major employment center on agricultural land previously owned by the Oregon Department of Corrections in Southeast Salem.

Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility

The project will improve the existing interchange and add a transit facility to improve traffic flow and safety and promote economic development in Woodburn and the surrounding area.


Region 2 JTA Project News

Chamber of Commerce Project Update - 2/14/18 - February 14, 2018

More great news! The last of the girders went in Tuesday morning, as smooth as anyone might hope for. Attention on the bridge will now immediately shift to building the deck, which is estimated to take about a month.

Elsewhere in the project, the good weather has meant that concrete work is zipping along- the first pours into the radial pattern on the corner of First and Pacific in front of the Pioneer Museum are complete, with the next pours just waiting on curing and weather and on track to wrap up next week. Curb work on Front Street will take place later this week, as well as more forming, pouring and set up of the sidewalks and ADA ramps on the north half of the block between Second and Third, in front of Pacific Restaurant.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - 2/13/18 - February 12, 2018

GREAT NEWS!!! Delivery of the bridge girders went so smoothly again this morning that they were able to wrap up before noon again! AND BETTER NEWS!!!! Additional staging space has made it possible to bring in tomorrow's girders without having to swing over traffic in any way, which means: no flagging or traffic stoppage should be necessary! Just wanted to send you all a quick note and let you know that this morning was so successful and that tomorrow should be even smoother.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - 2/8/18 - February 8, 2018

Last week we had incredible support spreading the message about the setting of the girders on Friday. Good news and bad news- everything went so smoothly and quickly that all of the girders were set and delivered prior to noon on Friday with minimal traffic back up during the morning and the bridge free and clear all afternoon. The bad news, you ask? I was unable to get any video footage to share with you. Don't worry though- the next sets of girders are slated for delivery on Monday (February 12th) and Tuesday (February 13th) with the same timeline originally expected for this past Friday. Please double down on spreading the word again that bridge traffic will be highly impacted by girder delivery and crane work from 8-4 on Monday and Tuesday. We will all cross our fingers that things go as smoothly and quickly next week, but be ready for a longer window of delays.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - 1/31/18 - January 31, 2018

This week many of the things we discussed last week are continuing to roll along. Curbing was poured early this week in the area near Main and Fourth (south of Diamond Art Jewelers), and the "flatwork" (sidewalk and imprinting work) is underway in this last half of the week in that same area and also on North Main in front of Burden's and stretching up toward America's Mattress.

On the block between Second and Third, excavators are busy removing the last of the old sidewalk, and tackling the grading to prepare for the replacement of that sidewalk in the next few weeks. The vault that needed the wall replaced prior to finish is complete and closed with a new lid, and a temporary sidewalk is set and runs from the south end of the block near Sunflower Flats, so all businesses on that block are accessible from the corner of Third and Main.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - January 24, 2018

Big changes begin to emerge this week and will continue in to the next few weeks as many areas in the project transition. The bridge supports are in place in the water, and this Friday, late morning, there will be a truck with concrete setting up to pour from the new bridge that is currently in use down into forms that will provide the base for the new southbound bridge. Expect traffic delays while that pour takes place, which will last less than an hour but will likely cause significant traffic disruption during that hour. That pour and subsequent traffic delay on the bridge is expected late morning (around 10) this Friday, January 26th.

Just south of the bridge, the curb and gutter is complete along the west side of Main Street from Burden's up to First, in front America's Mattress. (Photo Below.) Sidewalk is not far off there, although that stretch and much of the other sidewalk pouring that needs to take place is weather dependent, and will be touch and go with the forecast the next few weeks.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - January 19, 2018

The rain has returned with a vengeance this week, and much of the concrete and sidewalk work that will need to happen over the next few weeks will be at the mercy of the weather. As you drive through the project area you are sure to notice that curb, gutter and sidewalk crews are all over the place. In addition to big leaps forward in the radial work in front of the Pioneer Museum, the work continues on Main between Second and Third, and around the bioswale on Fourth and Main.

Excavation on First St between Pacific and Main in front of the Rodeo Steakhouse is one of the most striking new developments. Please note that the Rodeo is open regular hours throughout construction, and that access is available through their side door, which is on the west side (Main Street side) of the building, set back in their parking lot. A recent lunch there reminded me that I would cross any barrier for those spicy cheesy egg rolls...

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The Newberg-Dundee Bypass Phase 1 project is finished. So what’s next? ODOT Project Update - January 10, 2018

While everyone is still celebrating the completion and opening of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass Phase 1 project, ODOT is already moving ahead with Phase 2.

Before Phase 1 was completed, ODOT was able to use $10.5 million in cost savings from the project to begin making preemptive right of way purchases on Phase 2.  In addition, the Oregon Legislature allocated $22 million in last year’s transportation package for ODOT to begin the design of Phase 2.

There is no timeline for when Phase 2 would be built, since no funding has yet been identified for construction.   The design work should begin soon, but the earlier environmental studies provide the preliminary alignment and location of the roadway, culverts, bridges and other related structures.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - January 9, 2018

Happy New Year!! Things have been busy since the start of the 2018, with lots of progress on the bridge and the beginning of the development of the "Crosstown Connections" trail, along with curb, gutter, and sidewalk work. Demolition of the old bridge is underway this week, and the calendar is full of bridge work in the next couple of weeks as some big pours go in. If you've been to the Feed Store lately down on Front St., you've likely noticed the incredible progress at Sue H. Elmore Park, and maybe noted the new sidewalk and driveway from Front St. into Burden's.

Along First near Pacific, the curbing in front of the Pioneer Museum is coming together nicely, and the intricate radial pattern that is designed for that space should be coming soon. On the Post Office side, the brick wall is being finished this week, and the next couple of weeks includes the electrical work, concrete and track for the new gate that will be installed into the rear parking area.

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Bypass Opened January 6, 2018 ODOT Press Release - January 6, 2018

The long-awaited Newberg-Dundee Bypass Phase 1 has been completed and opens to travelers on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

The $252 million project was completed in just over four years on schedule and on budget.  The project consists of almost 4 miles of new 2-lane roadway connecting OR 99W just west of Dundee to OR 219 south of Newberg. Springbrook Road was reconstructed to connect the Bypass with OR 99W east of downtown Newberg.

Travelers enter the Bypass at two new signalized intersections at OR 99W west of Dundee and at OR 219 south of Newberg.  Also, the intersections of OR 219 and Springbrook Road and OR 99W and Springbrook Road were rebuilt with new signals that will help control the increased traffic using Springbrook Road.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update - December 20, 2017

There has not been a lot of news lately to report- which is truly a sign of fairly smooth sailing. The heating oil tanks that were discovered along Main have been sampled and by the end of today they should both be completely drained out. Samples have been taken from the surrounding soil, and as soon as the results from those samples come back, contractors are prepared to move on with the next steps to get those areas filled and move forward toward sidewalk replacement.

You may notice a decrease in activity toward the end of this week through the new year. There is some year-end safety training scheduled for some of the contractors, along with the holiday juggle. Excavation and grading work will likely be ongoing, as well as some concrete work (assuming the weather is amenable). Bridge work will wrap up tomorrow (Wednesday) and resume again on January 2nd.

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