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ODOT Region 2 JTA Projects

House Bill 2001, also known as the Oregon Jobs and Transportation Act, is the transportation funding plan adopted by the 2009 Legislature. This site contains information on the following JTA projects within ODOT Region 2:

Beltline Highway at Delta Highway (Eugene/Springfield)

The project is expected to alleviate congestion and unsafe conditions in the Beltline Highway corridor, particularly at the interchange of Beltline Highway (OR 569) and Delta Highway (Lane County road), through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). 

US101/OR6 Traffic Improvement Project (Tillamook)

The project is located in Tillamook County where State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 101 come together in historic downtown Tillamook. The project will be designed to improve the safety and operations of these two highways as they converge. The project will also make the downtown intersections more efficient for those traveling through downtown and safer for everyone. 

Highway 99W Newberg Dundee Bypass

This project is located near the Oregon 99W corridor, where the highway passes through Newberg and Dundee in eastern Yamhill County. The project will provide an alternate route for local commuter and freight traffic around the congestion in Dundee and south Newberg, reducing the number of vehicles using Oregon 99W. 

I-5 at Beltline (Eugene/Springfield)

This modernization project has been divided into smaller sections to make it easier to construct parts of the project as funding becomes available. Remaining work will continue to modernize the interchange, which serves interstate, regional, and local traffic to the surrounding residential and commercial centers.

I-5 at Kuebler Interchange (Salem)

This project will upgrade the existing interchange to support the area’s planned expansion by adding an additional loop ramp and modifying the eastbound to southbound ramp and the existing southbound off ramp. 

I-5 at Mill Creek (Salem)

The Mill Creek Corporate Center (MCCC) is a partnership between the State of Oregon and the City of Salem to create a major employment center on agricultural land previously owned by the Oregon Department of Corrections in Southeast Salem.

Woodburn Interchange and Transit Facility

The project will improve the existing interchange and add a transit facility to improve traffic flow and safety and promote economic development in Woodburn and the surrounding area.


Region 2 JTA Project News

Additional U.S. 101 southbound lane in Tillamook to open on May 24 - May 24, 2017

Nighttime work to start on Pacific Avenue

TILLAMOOK— An additional southbound lane on U.S. 101 at the Hoquarton Bridge is scheduled to open earlier than expected on Wednesday, May 24 as part of the U.S. 101/OR 6 Project in Tillamook. A northbound lane is being shifted on to the new bridge restoring two lanes southbound. The plan was to have two lanes open in each direction by Memorial Day but that will not happen until later in the summer.

Also, starting on Tuesday, May 30 the contractor will be working at nights, Sunday to Thursday between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Pacific Avenue. The night work is expected to be completed in early July at the latest.  Travelers can expect short delays during nighttime construction. 

After Memorial Day, the contractor will have two lanes open on Pacific Avenue during the day in Tillamook. Overall, the project is still on-schedule to be completed by the end of 2018.

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Highway 101/6 Project Updates - May 23, 2017

Tonight’s the night that the switch gets flipped.  The asphalt crews will be working on the bridge from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM at which time the night flaggers arrive so that the stripers can begin their work of grinding out the old striping and laying down the new travel lanes.  Come tomorrow morning, Wednesday the 24th, the new bridge will be accepting its first traffic. 

One lane of northbound traffic will be wiggled around the old Shell Station and guided up main to tie in over onto the new bridge come Wednesday morning.  For the duration of Wednesday, there will also be a single lane southbound on Main as the contractors complete the transition.  Once Thursday rolls around, traffic can return to two lanes southbound.

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Highway 101/6 Project Updates - May 18, 2017

In addition to flowers and tourists, the sunshine that is on its way is going to be coating the town with asphalt.  When the sun burns through tomorrow morning, expect to see the project crews swarming over the bridge this entire weekend as they ready the new structure to accept traffic on the 24th of this month (Wednesday of next week). 

To do that, the balance of the bridge sidewalks, rails, and overlook need to get poured in order to ready everything for the pavers, who are coming on Monday.  Once the pavers arrive, plans are to work right through Monday and Tuesday nights getting the bridge paved in two three-inch lifts and a temporary tie-in laid back to Main Avenue.  Late on Tuesday night, the flaggers and stripers will take over, realigning the lanes so that northbound traffic up main will be guided over onto the new bridge come Wednesday morning.

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Spring 2017 Construction Update - May 15, 2017

The U.S. 101/OR 6 Traffic Improvement Project is nearing the end of its first construction stage. Since last summer, construction crews have made significant progress towards completing the bridge over Hoquarton Slough, replacing sidewalks on Pacific Avenue (US 101 northbound), and the new 2nd Street Plaza. The 2nd Street Plaza should be available to host a series of public events starting in mid-June.

The contractor is currently working on the east half of the new bridge with one lane open in each direction. While the original goal was to have two lanes in each direction open by Memorial Day, the contractor will be able to open two southbound lanes and one northbound lane by June 9. The project is still on track to have two lanes open on Pacific Avenue by Memorial Day, and the delay will not affect the anticipated completion of the project by the end of 2018.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - May 10, 2017

Now that the sun has finally arrived from wherever it was vacationing, safety orange is blossoming everywhere.  The crews, whether ODOT contractors or City’s, or even the telecommunications cablemen, are out there working on just about every other street downtown, making hay while the sun shines. 

And just when you were getting used to it, the northbound traffic on Pacific Avenue will switch to the other side tonight after the nightwork crews sweep the lanes, throws some asphalt mix in the conduit trenches across the road, and restripes the travel lanes.  You will be driving on the west side of Pacific Avenue tomorrow morning and that will allow the contractors to start sawcutting the eastside sidewalks on Thursday.  The whole thing is getting rather breathless in its pacing.

The future realignment of Pacific is beginning to be recognizable as the cellcrete approaches have been mixed and formed up so that you can see the new curve wrap around the old Shell station on the south side of the bridge as it chases the excavation up the hill.  The long lines of concrete trucks have been pouring their hearts out getting the deck laid on the bridge itself.  On the north side, the widened road will be ready to be paved next week so that the contractors can tie-in the old road to the new on the night of the 24th and switch the traffic over on the 25th.

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Contaminated groundwater issue causes short term delay in downtown project ODOT Press Release - May 3, 2017

Additional lanes to open after Memorial Day; project is still on schedule to be completed by late 2018

TILLAMOOK— A goal to open two lanes of U.S. 101 in both directions by Memorial Day will be delayed until later this summer because of a significant amount of contaminated groundwater that was discovered during excavation at the site of the U.S. 101/OR 6 Project in Tillamook.

To address the problem, the contractor will need to perform extra work, pushing back the first deadline for work accomplished.

The plan was to have the east half of the Hoquarton Slough Bridge finished by Memorial Day with two lanes open on U.S. 101 in both directions. Now, that will not happen until later in the summer.
The contractor is currently working on the east half of the bridge with one lane open in both directions. The goal is to have one additional southbound lane open before June 9. Also, after Memorial Day, the contractor will have two lanes open on Pacific Avenue in Tillamook. Overall, the project is still on-schedule to be completed by the end of 2018.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - May 3, 2017

The project crews continue to push six and seven days a week in an effort to keep the progress steaming forward.  The buff-colored decorative concrete is set to be poured tomorrow between the dark ribbons and the terra-cotta accent pads that are already in place; the concrete quilt is coming together.  The driller’s in town working the corner by the Wells Fargo Bank and moving up Pacific in order to ensure that all traffic signal foundations are set in the next two weeks.  The bridgework assembly is clicking together in rapid production with a projected asphalt course being applied on the 22nd of this month.  All this without any additional nightwork in the next couple of weeks.

That said, the Chamber was informed on Tuesday that ODOT would be issuing a press release today with an important scheduling announcement regarding the bridge approaches.  We will forward that release to you once it is received, we anticipate this to be a short-term project delay notice.

In order for the contractors to position for the demolition of the east side sidewalks, the traffic will be flopped to the west side of the street next Monday, presuming that the weather materializes as forecast so that the restriping can be done.  This will still leave some work to be done next week on the west side walkways between 2nd (Blue Moon) and 1st (Rodeo) but that will be handled by a temporary lane closure for that short-term work.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - April 27, 2017

The Second Street Plaza is blooming in the rain.  The revelation of the new stamped and colored concrete corners on Pacific Avenue have already brightened up the dreary weather. 

Now the forms are being set for the pouring of the striking dark gray “tactile paver strip” that will serve as the visual “curbing” on the street to differentiate the pedestrian from the vehicular areas when cars are using the westbound one-way.    When the plaza is blocked off from traffic for special events, the flat strip will not trip dancers or audience members.

Between the patterns established by those two colors, the variously-scored pebble-color concrete sections which form the base lines of the plaza will be poured over the next three weeks.  Then during the week of the May 21st, the benches, bollards, and light poles will be placed in order for the entire plaza to be ready to open by the weekend of Memorial Day.  And then be used as part of the June Dairy Parade festivities.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - April 20, 2017

In an effort to catch up with the schedule, the project crews have been working six-tens in most locations.  Westwind, the concrete flatwork subcontractors, will be jamming on the sidewalks with the Rendezvous on track to be completed by this Friday and the ramps by the Phoenix Exchange set to go next Monday, and then on to the sidewalks between Second & First Streets by the end of next week.  Not long after, a concrete crew will be peeling off to start the sidewalks on the north side of the project by the Diesel Repair Shop.  Meanwhile, the concrete stamping work in the Second Street Plaza will be ongoing as weather allows.

There have been the usual surprises with fuel tanks under the sidewalks by the Blue Moon and phone poles without adequate bracing, but each headscratcher is dispensed with as it arises, and the crews shift to work around the problem.

The electrical team is pushing right along with the sidewalk crews, setting the last pole foundation up by the Rodeo by Wednesday next week and then jumping onto the bridge to run electrical for the lighting on the east side.

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Highway 101/6 Project Update Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce - April 5, 2017

After extended discussion, and multiple schedule revisions, at this week’s ODOT project team meeting, the contractors and agency partners concluded that, in order to expedite the Pacific Avenue sidewalk work, additional crew resources would be put into grading and finishing the last conduit work on the west Pacific sidewalk between 2nd and 3rd this week so that the concrete can start to be poured next Tuesday and then reopened for foot traffic by the week thereafter.

While the flatwork is being poured, all the digging and curbline work would continue across the 2nd Street intersection so that the concrete work could follow right behind.   Work on these first two segments would then lead to the demolition of the remaining west Pacific sidewalks up past the Rodeo.  Once that alignment is complete, the plan is to swing the concrete crews over to the Second Street Plaza, which should be graded and ready, and start them working the full street from east to west.  With the concentrated prep work leading the way, the concrete crews should be able to keep pouring continuously, without having to wait on subgrade stabilization, curb & gutter, or weather.

In order to make this approach function, the access to the Blue Moon Café would be flipped, moving back to their westward door with a boardwalk that would be constructed to Main.  The Phoenix Exchange, which has been struggling along with its limited access, has agreed to limit it even further by closing for a couple of days when the crews pour their access, rather than having their approach poured in halves to allow continuous access to their business.  That way, while the disruption is greater, it is for a shorter period of time as the entire entry would cure all at once.

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