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US 101/OR 6 Improvements

Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 6:49 pm

Main Street View

Work to the south of the Diamond Art entrance continues this week. Where just a week ago sidewalk removal was beginning, now the bioswale is beginning to take shape, with the infrastructure for the storm water coming this week, and concrete forms coming in next week (weather dependent, of course).

Things continue to progress quickly, despite a turn toward the wetter weather. This week on Main St., the bioswale area in front of Sunflower Flats with the beehive structure has been established and concrete crews have been hard at work putting together forms to start the curb and gutter work there. Further south, from Diamond Art Jewelers to the corner of 4th, excavation has continued, and the underground pipe work for the bioswale and the beehives is underway. The goal on Main is to push through until Thanksgiving, and then return from the holiday ready to dive in to the two vaults in front of Tangled Yarns and Pacific Restaurant. In order to start that work, pedestrian access to Tangled Yarns, Everything Pets, and Annie's Country Sportswear, will be swapped so that the approach is from Third St, and the Sunflower Flats corner.

The excavation crew and the concrete team are involved in an elaborate dance across the entire downtown construction zone. In addition to taking turns on those corners along Main, they are continuing to try and wrap up the sidewalks north of the new bridge, get the grading complete in front of the museum, and begin the foundational work in front of America's Mattress for the next step of rebuilding the road there.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Wednesday 08 November 2017 at 11:15 am

Main Street View

Diamond Art Jewelers shared this photo from their front step this morning. The sidewalk demolition is complete, and the new bioswale has been excavated. Forms for the bioswale and the new sidewalk will be coming in soon.

The cold but dry weather has been very helpful for all of the excavation work that has been happening throughout the project this past week. In front of the Pioneer Museum, grading and leveling the base layer in anticipation of the future radial concrete has been progressing steadily. Next week we may see the formation of curbs and gutters in that area, (all things dependent on weather, of course) which will be an exciting visual.

 Along Main, the sidewalk demolition in front of Sunflower Flats has been completed, and the end of this week will see the final installation of the liner and aggregate that will sit below the sidewalk. The vault just north of that, between Everything Pets and Annie’s Country Sportswear, will wait for lining and fill until after that stretch of sidewalk is removed. Based on engineering, inspections, and timing, the demolition of the sidewalk on the south half of the block between Third and Fourth has been the next step for the excavation crew, and they have made quick work of the sidewalk removal there. Passing by, it is easy to see where the future bioswale will be located. The lack of vaults there has made that stretch fairly straightforward, and it looks like forms for the sidewalk could start to go in late this week.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 8:48 pm

Highway 101/6 Project Update

Happy Halloween! As I type, chaos is unfolding in front of the Chamber office in the form of Downtown Trick-or-Treating. The construction crews have definitely taken this event in to consideration, and heavy equipment and active work has been moved to accommodate the crowds. Police Chief Terry Wright has mustered his flagging squad to assist families back and forth across the streets, as safety in the midst of this project is a top priority.

A quick update on the overview of the project:

The manhole work that took place late last week in the middle of the intersection of First and Main was smooth and successful, which minimized the length of time the intersection had to be flagged. The dry weather has meant excavation work has been able to move along quickly, and the vault work on Main and the sidewalk and expanded landing in front the Pioneer Museum on the corner of First and Pacific have been progressing nicely. The rest of this week will include the final removal of old materials from the vaults in front of Sunflower Flats, Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns, as well as the placement of the last layers of fill and the waterproof membrane that will be installed below the sidewalk. That work will set the stage for a big next step: the beginning of demolition of the stretch of Main in front of Diamond Art Jewelers down to the corner of Fourth and Main near Wells Fargo. The block will be torn up in two sections, with that southern section coming out first. All involved are optimistic that the stretch there will go quickly, as there are no underground vaults to address. That corner will feature a bioswale, as will the corner in front of Sunflower Flats. The plan is to begin the layout of both bioswales in the next few weeks in tandem with each other.

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Monday 16 October 2017 at 6:00 pm

“Weather dependent” was the most used phrase at this week’s Highway Project meeting. Almost all aspects of the project are impacted by rainfall, and crews are constantly trying to predict where to dive in based on the forecast. The work on Main Street in the vaults in front of Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns was delayed slightly while waiting for an inspection, but has now received a green light and excavation and structural reinforcement will get going in the coming days, followed as soon as possible by concrete fill and then curbing and sidewalk building. Electrical work on both temporary and permanent signals on both Pacific and Main will be ongoing in the next couple of weeks, and lane closures may be necessary to accommodate that work.

One of the concerns that has been brought forward is the signage for the merging on southbound 101. Traffic back-ups are challenging and many folks have expressed significant frustration at cars who speed up in the right lane and are “cutting” in the traffic line. When discussing this at the ODOT table, I was directed to an instructional video on “Zipper Merging,” which, while a common practice elsewhere, is foreign to us polite, considerate Mooks. Here is a link to the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX0I8OdK7Tk I recognize that this email and this link are unlikely to change driving patterns that are an inherent part of our culture, but I am hopeful we can together spread the word that “Zipper Merging” is not just jerky people rushing to the front of the line, but rather a taught driving practice. A reminder that we are often all just doing our best that we know how to do.

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Construction woes remain similar for next year

Thursday 05 October 2017 at 1:04 pm

The past year of construction, according to City Manager Paul Wyntergreen, has been the warm-up for the second half of the Highway 101/6 Project. 

“This is the year when it really hits home – Main Avenue,” he said. “I’d say we’re into this until mid-summer 2018 – and, theoretically, early fall 2018.” 

For the most part, the traffic patterns – and the coinciding traffic congestion – will not ease up until work is complete in one year. 

“We’ll lighten up with the end of tourist season, however,” Wyntergreen said. 

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Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Thursday 05 October 2017 at 11:29 am

As promised, the new bridge rails are up and very hard to miss! Bridge news this week is that while pedestrian access is still closed, much progress has been made and things appear on target to open near the end of the month. On the west side of the bridge area, where the new bridge is being built, the large machines are all in place. Impressive excavation has occurred, and the drilling is set to start late this week.

On Pacific, local landscaping contractors Bros and Hoes are setting pavers this week, and electricians are installing more the permanent fixtures, including crossing signals at Third and Fourth Street. This brings us a step closer to the removal of the temporary posts that are responsible for some of the odd guy-wires that we currently see in the area.

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A new downtown emerging in Tillamook

Monday 02 October 2017 at 11:40 am

Despite the best efforts of local businesses, downtown Tillamook had been fading for years -- the victim of age, big box retailers and the growing dominance of online shopping.

The city has worked hard to change that, and is now banking that a $38.2 million revitalization project will make the city center as appealing to locals and tourists as the famed cheese factory nearby.

The Oregon Department of Transportation is two years into a three-year project that has turned downtown into a construction zone. It includes two new bridges, wider streets, new crosswalks, and expanded bike and pedestrian paths. There’s also a new plaza and significant streetscape enhancements. The work was largely funded by the 2009 Jobs and Transportation Act. 

Read the full story on The Oregonian Live.

Chamber of Commerce Project Update

Wednesday 27 September 2017 at 5:47 pm

This week on Main Street we are seeing exactly how big of a deal the vault underneath the corner of Third and Main is! Monday crews boarded up the Main St windows of Sunflower Flats to protect the windows during the excavation. The Sunflower Flats team rushed over to Rosenberg’s and purchased spray paint to create some temporary signage, where they highlighted that they are open, that there are parking opportunities on Pacific, and their website, where folks can place orders and request deliveries. Tuesday morning the excavators came rolling in, and the sidewalks were demolished and rubble scraped out. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, crews will be on site building forms for the footings in that vault, and then next week forming the walls while setting the footings in the next two (much smaller) vaults just to the north in front of Everything Pets and Tangled Yarns. Because of the depth and size of the corner vault, it will take a few weeks for all of the concrete work to be poured and cured prior to the final fill. All fingers are crossed that the rain will be minimal.

The need for dry weather extends to manhole work and grading on Front Street. The rain we had last week provided a glimpse at areas that would be inundated if opened during a storm, so crews are watching the weather closely as they move equipment around the site and planning where to start based on forecasts. The extension in front of the museum property on the corner of Pacific and First is also on deck for grading in preparation of the radial concrete work that will be done there, although progress may vary depending on weather.

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