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The Beltline Highway is located in Lane County and is functionally obsolete and cannot handle current and future traffic volumes. Following analysis, ramp meters were recommended at four locations to alleviate congestion and to improve safety on the Beltline Highway corridor through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS makes use of advanced communication and computer technology to improve the operation of a facility and enhance the movement of people and goods.

The project was to analyze, design, and construct ITS solutions along the Beltline Highway corridor where it could be adapted to work with a minimum of infrastructure changes and disruptions. ODOT, in collaboration with the City of Eugene and Lane County advanced the planning study recommendation of placing ramp metering at eastbound Beltline Hwy River Road and River Avenue on-ramps, and at Beltline Hwy westbound from Green Acres and Coburg Roads on-ramps. Ramp metering from northbound Delta Highway to westbound Beltline was not included due to the lack of adequate ramp length for que storage.

The ramp designs were completed in the fall of 2012 and the project work was awarded to Lantz Electric Inc. of Eugene. Construction was completed at the four recommended locations in June of 2013. A ramp meter is a traffic signal on a ramp that controls the rate vehicles enter a freeway facility. Kittelson and Associates Inc., under a separate contract, has conducted performance evaluations of the four ramp meter locations to determine how effective they are at reducing congestion and improving safety. Since the activation of the meters, ODOT has worked through and solved unexpected challenges with the systems adaptive software. There has been a notable reduction in crashes with a 35% decrease from 2013 data.

We are moving toward construction of a project at Beltline and Delta Highways Interchange as outlined in the Beltline Facility Plan. The Oregon Transportation Commission has approved funding of $2.5 million for preliminary engineering for the interchange design. The consulting firm CH2M Hill has been hired to work with ODOT to confirm and refine the interchange design proposed in the Facility Plan. Construction is anticipated in 2018.


The Beltline Highway (OR 569) carries the majority of traffic crossing the Willamette River and connects western Lane County to Interstate 5. Traffic moving onto and off of Beltline Highway between River Road and Coburg Road is slow and congested during busy travel times. A planning study was conducted to assess deficiencies on Beltline Highway between River Road and Coburg Road and recommended long-term solutions. The complete list of infrastructure solutions to address deficiencies will take several years to develop and fund.

The Delta interchange is functionally obsolete and cannot handle current and future traffic volumes. Its intersection with Beltline Highway is a chokepoint in the daily operation of both facilities and is a safety priority site. Improvements at the interchange include an expanded northbound Delta to westbound Beltline on-ramp along with other interchange improvements that will improve the capacity and operation of the facilities.

Current Status

The initial project identified and installed Intelligent Transportation Systems at and near the Beltline and Delta Highway interchange. These systems will continue to be monitored and the operation refined, including working with the City of Eugene on the River Road signal timing to ensure performance. Real time travel data is continually collected to evaluate adaptive system performance.

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