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Beltline Unit 4 Handout (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Beltline Unit 4 Handout (pdf, 1.7 MB

The Interstate 5 at Randy Papé Beltline project is located in Lane County within the cities of Eugene and Springfield, at the intersection of Interstate 5, mile post 195.45 and Randy Papé Beltline (OR 569). The phased project will correct deficiencies to enable the interchange to safely accommodate travel demands 20 years into the future. The HB 2001 portion of the project is being accomplished by two separate projects: I-5 @ Beltline - Unit 3 and I-5 @ Beltline - Unit 4.

The modernization project has been divided into smaller sections (units) to make it easier to construct as funding became available. Unit 1 was completed in late 2009, and Unit 2 was completed in the summer of 2011 using both federal and state funds. Units 3 and 4 are both funded using state funds from the Jobs and Transportation Act. Construction for Unit 3 was completed in 2014. Unit 4 is currently out for bid with construction planned in 2016/2017.

The planned improvements for Unit 4 are:

  • A new eastbound Beltline lane from Coburg Road


The interchange is located at the northern boundary of Oregon’s second largest metropolitan center. Originally constructed in 1968, where dairy farms and pastures once occupied much of the area, today the land is being developed for residential, retail commercial use, interstate traveler services and industrial centers providing regional employment. The once rural interchange cannot accommodate the increase in traffic, creating congestion, delays and safety problems.

The work done in Units 1, 2 and 3 and to be done with Unit 4 will modernize the interchange, which serves interstate, regional, and local traffic to the surrounding residential and commercial centers. The units address deficiencies and enable the interchange to safely accommodate travel demands 20 years into the future.

Current Status

I-5 @ Beltline Unit 3 construction was completed in November, 2014.

At the request of elected state representatives, and in the spirit of the JTA's emphasis on Practical Design, ODOT conducted a Value Engineering study of Unit 4 to reevaluate the design elements for cost savings and reduced impacts on right of way and utilities. Traffic analysis following the Value Engineering study concludes that I-5/Beltline will have adequate capacity to handle projected traffic volumes without the need of an additional auxiliary lane on eastbound Beltline, and without one additional lane for the ramp from eastbound Beltline to southbound I-5. The new analysis also shows no need for an additional southbound auxiliary lane on I-5 from Beltline to I-105 and, therefore, the Harlow Bridge will not require lengthening (replacement) at this time. However, the west end of the bridge will be revised to allow for a southbound extension of the multi-use path. Additional subsidiary design elements associated with the southbound I-5 auxiliary lane will be affected by the elimination of auxiliary lanes as well, as is the project time line. Construction is scheduled to occur in Spring, 2016. Cost savings were re-programmed to the Beltline at Delta Highway project. To learn the results of the Value Engineering study, click here.

As of August 2018 both of these related projects are completed. Refer to Project 17072 for related work. .

Funding Sources


Project Schedule

I-5 @ Beltline Interchange-Unit 3 (Eugene/Sprinfield)


Right of Way
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Construction Start

Construction End

May 1, 2010 Oct. 7, 2011 2013 Winter 2014/2015