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Legislative Overview

The Woodburn Interchange Project is located on I-5 at the intersection with OR 214 and OR 219 in Woodburn, Marion County, Oregon. The interchange accesses OR 214 east of I-5 to Silverton, Mt Angel and Molalla, and OR 219 west of I-5 to St. Paul and Newberg. The project will improve traffic flow and safety in the interchange area, add a transit facility, and promote economic development in Woodburn and the surrounding area. The project includes improvements designed to safely accommodate multi-modal travel needs for the next 20 years:

  • Reconstruct the interchange to a partial cloverleaf with loop ramps;
  • Lengthen the ramps to meet current design standards;
  • Widen the existing over-crossing structure (bridge) to the north;
  • Raise the profile of the bridge approaches in order to improve sight lines;
  • Widen Oregon 214 and 219 equally or northerly of the existing centerline, depending on the segment;
  • Provide new 6-foot sidewalks with an additional 6 foot-wide landscaped buffer between the sidewalk and the curb;
  • Provide one (1) bicycle lane in each direction along Oregon 214 and 219;
  • Add a raised median to control turning movements;
  • Modify access for local city streets at Oregon Way, Evergreen Road and Lawson Avenue;
  • Construct a Transit Facility (Park & Ride) and extend Evergreen Road north of Oregon 214 for neighborhood access to the public transit lines listed above;
  • Construct the gateway design package approved by the Woodburn City Council on June 11, 2012.


Woodburn's interchange was built in the 1950's when I-5 was originally constructed in Oregon. However, the interchange has had no significant improvements since 1975 when I-5 was widened from four to six lanes from Woodburn to Salem. When upgrades to the interchange were completed in 1975, roadside development near the interchange was minimal and the City of Woodburn was more oriented around OR 99E to the east of I-5. Since then, traffic volume around the interchange has increased exponentially, becoming more than the once rural interchange can accommodate, creating delays and limiting the full economic potential that exists for the region. The proposed project will improve traffic flow and safety, and promote economic development.

Current Status

The Contract was awarded to K&E Excavating in July, 2013. To date, the Contractor has completed the Evergreen Road and Transit Facility portions of the project, including the EV charging station in the park & ride; base lift asphalt paving throughout the project; construction of concrete median islands; most of the new traffic signal poles and fixtures; and sound walls along OR219 and OR214.

The project is substantially complete, with the exception of installing minor permanent signs, wetland plants in the ditch that runs parallel to the southbound on-ramp to I-5; and the completion of the ornamental screening.

Project was fully closed out 2/28/2018.

Project was fully closed out 2/28/2018.

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