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Project Alternatives

Two alternatives were evaluated in the Alternatives Analysis Report – the No-Build Alternative and the Build Alternative. This memorandum describes the redesign process that ODOT used to select the one build alternative to evaluate in the Alternatives Analysis Report. In July, the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Project Management Team unanimously recommended the Build Alternative as the Preferred Alternative. On July 20, 2012, ODOT identified the Build Alternative as the Preferred Alternative.

Build Alternative Map

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ODOT is completing the National Environmental Policy Act documentation process for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) review and approval. After FHWA approves, ODOT will continue the engineering design and start right-of-way acquisition and permitting. Construction is expected to begin in early 2016.


The intersection of US 101 and OR 6 in Tillamook actually includes four signalized intersections of one way streets: Main Avenue, Pacific Avenue, First Street and Third Street. Main Avenue carries traffic south, Pacific Avenue (US 101) carries traffic north, First Street carries traffic west and Third Street (OR 6) carries traffic east. The City of Tillamook’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) identified safety and operational issues at these intersections including safety for people driving and walking, and congestion. The TSP also identifies localized improvements to address specific issues.

The Tillamook Transportation Refinement Plan (TTRP) evaluated solutions related to pedestrian safety, truck traffic, and parking in the downtown area. As part of these evaluations, the TTRP concurred that vehicle traffic at the intersection would exceed ODOT mobility standards within the 20-year planning period (2025). The TTRP identified and compared improvements to the local system to enhance mobility but did not identify a preferred alternative for the US 101 /OR 6 intersection.

Additional Information

You can find additional project-related information in the Library. You can also read answers to frequently asked questions.